Tactical networks are at the heart of Forging Pueblo leadership and advancing programs to build a Biblical worldview in Pueblo, CO. Tactical networks are groups of leaders in a given sphere in Pueblo, CO, who join together to brainstorm, implement, and oversee programs or events. Joining a tactical network has requirements (reflected on the individual pages) and an application process to ensure Forging Pueblo leadership is of one mind and heart towards God and our community.

Forging Pueblo Business Network (Business leaders)
Forging Pueblo Church Network (Pastors and church leaders)
Forging Pueblo Education Network (Teachers and educators)
Forging Pueblo Government Network (Local Leaders and Influencers)

The leadership of each network meet on a monthly basis,  while all networks, volunteers, and leaders meet together twice a year for a bi-annual update on Forging Pueblo’s progress. Please click the network above to view more information or to apply into a network and help us forge Pueblo.