Our tactical business network exists for two purposes. First, to bring together a team of business leaders to strategize ways to impact our community for Christ, especially in the sphere of business. Second, to financially support the efforts of Forging Pueblo as a whole. If you are interested in applying for the business leadership team, please follow this link. If you’re interested in joining the larger business network for Forging Pueblo to help us impact the community, here are the details (or go straight to the application here)

Mission: Provide an opportunity for businesses to assist in building the kingdom of God in Pueblo while promoting those businesses to the body of Christ in Pueblo.

Purpose: Three goals exist with the Forging Pueblo Business Network:

  • Assist in funding the efforts of Forging Pueblo as we reach our city for Christ (for those who select a bonze, silver, or gold member)
  • Increased business for companies involved in the network.
  • Provide a list of businesses to the public that support God’s kingdom work.

How does Forging Pueblo promote businesses?

General Members: The Business Network is open to all Christian businesses in Pueblo county for free. Our desire is to support Christian businesses and share with the Body of Christ opportunities to support your business through our website, events, and church handouts. Beyond general membership are levels of paid membership which in turn supports the ongoing work of Forging Pueblo in our community.

Bronze Member:

  • Listed on Forging Pueblo’s Website of Business Sponsors.
  • Advertised on Forging Pueblo social media.
  • Advertised in our bi-annual business network brochure for churches.

Silver Member: Additional exposure for silver members.

  • Advertised at promotional events for Forging Pueblo.
  • Advertised in our monthly newsletter.
  • Advertised as sponsors at all election forums and other political events.

Gold Member: Additional exposure for gold members.

  • Special (unique) mention on social media each month.
  • Advertised at special multi-church community events.

Our goal is to support our business network whenever possible; they are a vital partner in accomplish our mission of building God’s kingdom in Pueblo.

Businesses have four levels of participation to choose from, the higher the level the more exposure the business receives when being highlight by Forging Pueblo.

Gold Membership: $250/month.
Silver Membership: $100/month.
Bronze Membership: $50/month.
General Membership: Free

All supporting business owners or representatives will be invited to our annual business appreciation dinner where our progress and future goals will be presented to keep businesses up to date. Businesses will also get semi-annual recaps of what Forging Pueblo has done and the impact being made on Pueblo for the Kingdom of God.

Requirements to Join: Business leaders joining our network must agree to our network statement of faith located here. Once the statement is signed, those registered for bronze, silver, or gold membership can begin their support through the processor below.